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Albert Einstein in Leiden

A biographical representation of the life of Einstein and his achievements in the city of Leiden is presented. He established relationship with Hendrik Lorentz, his friend Paul Ehrenfest, and the city. Einstein first met Ehrenfest at Prague in 1912, and their friendship clicked from the beginning. He carried on research work in the city, and the Bose- Einstein theory of condensation in the city. Einstein visited the city on a regular basis to participate in scientific research. He also delivered a lecture on the theory of superconductivity in the city in November, 1921. The city of Leiden benefited from the appearance of Einstein as a guest professor.


Relativity of Communication: Albert Einstein as Technical Writer.

Efficient information flow in technical communication depends upon accurate audience analysis. The presentation of information must be adjusted relative to the knowledge and interests of the writer's audience. Problems arise when the relative differences in audiences are slight, but nonetheless important. Albert Einstein 's writing can be used as an example of skillful adaptation of material for audiences with subtle differences. A prime example is his special theory of relativity, which he published in three versions for technical, semi technical, and none technical audiences. Students, teachers, and technical writers can learn much from the way Einstein uses tone, personal address, varying levels of diction, definitions, and concrete examples of each of the three expositions of his special theory of relativity.